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    ‘北京豪沃爾’HJX2000 消防設備電源監控系統是依據國家標準《消防設備電源監控系統》GB 28184-2011 及《消防控制室通用技術要求》GB 25506-2010,進行設計和生產。該系統由消防設備電源狀態監控器、電壓電流傳感器、開關量模塊以及消防設備電源監控中繼箱組成。通過檢測被測設備電源的電壓、電流、開關狀態等有關信息,從而判斷電源設備是否有斷路、短路、過壓、欠壓、缺相、錯相以及過流(過載)、主備電等故障信息并報警、記錄。具有數字化、智能化、自動化和連續監控的特性。實時反映出被監控設備電源的狀況,并集中顯示,從而可以有效避免在火災發生時,消防設備由于電源故障而無法正常工作的危急情況,最大限度的保障消防聯動系統的可靠性。該系統適用于智能樓宇、高層公寓、賓館、飯店、商廈、工礦企業、國家重點消防單位以及石油化工、文教衛生、金融、電信等領域。

    Hover's HJX2000 Firefighting equipment power monitoring and control system is fully complied with GB28184 & GB25506-2010 Chinese National Standard. The system contains Power Monitoring Controller, VI sensor, Switch module and Repeater. This system is specialized in monitoring, recording and alarming the fault situation including open/short circuit, over/low voltage or current, phase loss, phase dislocation of the fire fighting dedicated power supply. The system is fully digital and automatic, and provides constantly monitored data, and reflects real-time status of certain power supply. All monitoring data and information can recorded and displayed on the controller to avoid the deadly damage in the case of fire caused of power down, which efficiently guarantees fire safety of the building.